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In 1961 a campaign to fund a recreation centre was successful enough to begin construction of a building on 111 Avenue, west of the rink shack on 40 Street. The building was completed in 1962. In 1964, as a result of amalgamation, the City of Edmonton took ownership.  By 1965, when the Beverly Community Recreation League split into the Beverly Heights and the Beacon Heights Community Leagues, the small rink building was no longer adequate. With no money to expand, ten families took a big risk and signed promissory notes to fund a new rink building next door to the old site. By the end of the 1960s, Beverly Heights Community League had the largest membership in Edmonton. It also had one of the biggest and most diverse sports programs in community league history. During this time, the league regularly iced 20-27 hockey teams and fielded dozens of boys and girls soft ball, baseball, and soccer teams. Basketball, ringette, figure skating and speed skating rounded out the options.

* Records of community league activity prior to 1969 were not available.

The Ten Families

The decision to build a new rink was one that came with financial challenges. Tom Cross offered to mortgage his house and lend money to the community league. This was over ridden and nine other families signed promissory notes for $1,000 each. In the 1960s, this was approximately 10% of their mortgage value, a big risk to take. The families were thought to be:

Tom Cross, Harry Ewanik, Archie Ewaskiw, Elmer Hanson, Lawrence Jacobs, Gerald Keogh, Don MacDonald, Don McPherson, Hal Thomas, Don Weir

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